Used Car Lease Deals with Quick Delivery

Lease an affordable used car at a great price, fully checked, taxed and available for free delivery. Drive away in your used lease in as little as 14 days.

Our Top Second-Hand Car Leasing Deals

All our used cars undergo full checks pre-delivery and can be at your doorstep within just 14 days. Search below to find the perfect used deal at an affordable monthly cost or browse Used Business deals here.

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*Prices are for a Personal Contract Hire Agreement with an initial rental payment of 9 monthly rentals in advance followed by 35 monthly rentals covering 5,000 miles per annum / total contract mileage allowance of 15000 miles and exclude maintenance. A processing fee of £249.99 inc. VAT applies. Free of charge delivery applies to GB mainland addresses. Contract subject to terms, conditions, and status. Excess Mileage and Fair Wear and Tear charges may apply. You will not own the vehicle at the end of the contract. Offer subject to availability. For customers located in Northern Ireland: some vehicles may not be available, or prices may be subject to change. Duties may be payable if the vehicle is delivered/collected in mainland Great Britain and then taken to Northern Ireland.

Affordable Used Car Lease Deals

Looking for a way to lease a car without hassle? In today’s world, leasing a car is the perfect way to get access to a car without buying it. While many people choose to lease brand-new cars, you should know there’s a cheaper alternative – leasing used cars.

Our used car leasing deals offer flexibility and financial advantages for anyone looking for a car. If you’re looking for a simple contract that won’t break the bank, this is going to be a great option for you.

What is Used Car Leasing?

Used car leasing allows you to get a cheaper, shorter and more simplistic lease on a vehicle. A used car lease works the same way as a new car lease, only the vehicle will already have some miles on the clock. There are many reasons why a person might opt for a used car lease, including price points, lower waiting times and shorter contracts.

What are the Benefits of a Used Car Lease?

Used car leases are a more accessible way to get a lease on a vehicle. It can be especially beneficial for those who want a short contract, or those who are on a tighter budget. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Low price: Used car leases are often much cheaper than new vehicles. This will be both for upfront costs as well as monthly payments. This gives you more breathing room, especially if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Lower waiting times: Used lease vehicles come with short wait times. There’s a good chance that your used vehicle will arrive within 14 days after you finalise your order.
  • Shorter contracts: You can also expect much shorter contracts. This is perfect for an individual who does not want a long contractual commitment or to test out a car.

What’s Included with your Used Car Lease?

So, what comes as part of a used car lease with Leasing Options? The first thing to know is that when we say ‘used’ we’re only referring to the miles on the clock. All used cars will be completely refurbished by a team of specialists. This means that you won’t have to worry about any service issues that could arise on account of the miles already travelled.

As well as this, all used car leases include a minimum of a six-month MOT. This means you won’t have to MOT the car until after this initial period, allowing you to drive right away without any hassle.

Used Car Leasing Process

Leasing Options is here to offer you a simple process to lease your car. We have devised a simplistic, 6-step process to make this easy for you. Our streamlined method means that you can focus on getting the car and contract that fits you, while our team of experts takes care of the rest.

  • Step 1. Choose your perfect car
  • Step 2. Get a quote
  • Step 3. Apply for financing
  • Step 4. Place your order
  • Step 5. Sign your documents
  • Step 6. Take delivery of your new car

Used Car Lease FAQs

How does used car leasing work?

Used car leasing is a practical way to have a car without owning it. You start by applying for financing and sharing your credit history with financial partners who decide if you're eligible.

Once approved, you choose a car and an Account Manager helps you with the details. In short, it's a convenient route to driving a car that suits your needs without big upfront costs.

How old are used lease cars?
Used lease cars will be no older than five years old at the point of delivery.
Is it cheaper to lease a used car?
It is usually cheaper to lease a used car, rather than a new one. Other benefits include shorter wait times and more flexible contract lengths.
Can I lease a used car without a deposit?
Instead of deposits, we organise an initial rental payment. Please note that this is calculated within the depreciation of the vehicle and factored into the agreement. This means that it isn’t a deposit and won’t get returned. Instead, it contributes to the overall cost of your lease.
Am I more likely to be accepted for a used car lease if I have bad credit?
As with any car, our experts will help you as much as they can throughout the process. We’ll make sure to take a close look at your circumstances, compared to the car/agreement that you’re looking to lease. This will be done at an early stage in the process as outlined above.
Can I get an electric used lease?
We offer a series of electric used cars - just use the filter on the search above to select the fuel type.
How long does delivery take for a used car lease?
One of the main benefits of opting for a used car lease is much shorter wait times. Used cars can be with you within just 14 days of order completion, meaning that you can get on the road much faster than some new leases.
Are used cars in good condition?
All used cars will arrive in good condition. We make sure that each used car is refurbished and checked to the highest standard before it arrives at your door. All used cars will have a minimum of a 6-month MOT and have been thoroughly serviced before delivery.
Will I have to MOT a used lease car?
Although all used cars will come with a minimum of 6-month MOT upon delivery, depending on the length of your contract, you may have to MOT it. It would be your responsibility as a customer to keep your vehicle in line with its servicing schedule, as outlined by the manufacturer.
Can I get a maintenance package with a used lease?
Absolutely! We offer maintenance packages for all our used leases.
Can I get insurance on a used lease?
We don’t offer insurance with our used leases. However, we will give you the details of the delivery date of your vehicle so that you can get insurance fixed ahead of time.
Will I need to service a used car?

You will need to get your car serviced in line with manufacturer servicing schedules. A way to make this simple is to opt for our maintenance package.

Our maintenance packages offer you the chance to get your car serviced in an easy way. We will guide you towards main manufacturer dealerships or national chains that will use manufacturer parts to give you the highest level of service.

Can businesses take out a used car lease?
Yes! We also offer used business leases. These will offer you impressive benefits and tax advantages for your business, whether you’re a Limited company, PLC, sole trader or partnership company.
Is there a warranty on a used lease?
For used vehicles, a warranty is not included. This is one of the reasons why we offer optional service and maintenance packages – for your peace of mind should anything go wrong.
What’s the full process for getting a used car lease?
Step 1. Pick your car

The first step is all about finding the perfect car for you. Browse from a wide range of high-quality models and brands. Take advantage of our advanced filtering system to find something that fits you. Consider your budget, the manufacturer you want, the model, the body and the fuel type.

You can also easily see what vehicles are in stock, meaning you can have more control over when the car you want will get to you. In-stock cars will usually be with you within 14 days, but it can take longer.

Step 2. Get you quote

The next step is to get a quote from our experienced team. They’ll get back to you quickly, assisting you to make sure that you get a price that fits you. You will be walked through the most important parts of your contract. This includes its length, any extras you might want to add and the maximum mileage for the duration of your lease. ‘Extras’ here means any specific factory options, specifications or insurance/maintenance options you may need.

Step 3. Apply for finance

Moving forward, the next step is to apply for financing. This means filling out a simple proposal form. Then, we'll send it to our network of respected financial partners. They'll take a look at your credit history and decide whether to approve your application.

Step 4. Order your car

Now, it's time to order your car. We'll connect you with a dedicated Account Manager who will provide you with all the details you need for your order. After both of you review and confirm the order, it will be finalised.

Step 5. Sign everything

In the penultimate step, you just need to sign some financial documents. There's a two-week period where you can think about it before we deliver the car to your chosen address.

Step 6. Your new car will be delivered

Finally, the moment arrives when your new car is delivered. If the car you want is already in stock, you can expect it to reach you in a couple of weeks. If it's not in stock, the time it takes might vary. We'll stay in touch and keep you updated on the delivery date, as well as when your insurance coverage begins.